Treatment of White and Brown Spots

ICON resin infiltration is a new treatment aimed to improve the appearance of white spots (decalcifications) or white/yellow/brown developmental spots on smooth tooth surfaces. Treatment is completed without no injection or drilling.

Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth

Decalcifactions may  be  caused by the accumulation of plaque which could lead  to a cavity. Patients in orthodontic treatment are at a higher risk for decalcification, and white spots may appear around the brackets.

Other causes of white or brown spots include, high fluoride intake as a child, childhood illness or trauma to primary teeth that in-turn can leave white spots on adult teeth.

Treating Spots on Teeth Without Drilling

Traditionally these white spots would be treated by with composite filling material or porcelain veneers as an adult, which requires the drilling away of tooth structure.  ICON is a non-drilling conservative technique that we can preserve your child’s tooth structure and and allow the white spot to blend with the surrounding tooth, restoring a beautiful smile.