Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments: Not Your Child’s Only Option

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) has gained national attention over the past few years as an alternative to the treatment of tooth decay. Dental Caries (tooth decay) affects about one out of four children between the ages of 2-5. SDF is antimicrobial liquid that is brushed onto a cavitated tooth to stop the progression of the cavity. It is typically used in dental offices on children that can not tolerate dental treatment, those with special needs and in the elderly that do not have access to care. SDF has been used in Europe and Asia for decades. In the United States it is FDA approved to treat tooth sensitivity but is being used off-label to treat decay.

SDF Dental Treatments: What You Don’t Know

The misconception about SDF is that once it is placed there is no need for a filling. In reality, SDF is  only a temporary solution. It must be placed in at least two separate visits to arrest the decay and must be continuously monitored. Additionally, SDF is not recommended for every tooth with decay, and

Black Stains on your Child’s Teeth are Common with SDF Treatments 

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At Growing Smiles in Floral Vale, we do not find it necessary to use SDF unless it is medically necessary. Dr. Radin and myself are specially trained to treat your child and alleviate the anxiety you or your child may have regarding dental treatment. There are different options we can present to you and your child and none of which require general anesthesia.

We treat every child as if they were our own and look forward to you joining our extended family. If you have any questions our concerns, please schedule a consult with us.
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